Bad Apple - Full Version wvideo Lyrics in Romaji Translation in English

I did a montage of the video "Bad Apple!!" to go with the full version. The song is sang by Nomico.

At some places, it's not lag. It's just the video that is slow down.

==How to see the

Показать полностью

Those who are not familiar with the YouTube Captions, there's a button to the left of the annotations with a "cc" on it. Click on it (twice if the captions are off - button with grey color), you have 3 choices:
- "English - Translation in English" - Turn on the English Captions
- "Japanese - Romaji" - Turn on the Romaji Captions
- "Turn Captions Off"
I hope that was helpful. :)

Edit 28-12-2012: 1,000,000 views to end the year! I never thought that the video will actually have a million views. Thanks everyone! :)
Edit 13-11-2013: Wow, 2,000,000 views! That's so incredible!!! :D :D :D :D



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